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Have you decided to set up your own website, without which your company does not exist today ?

You hit it really well! 

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I am a web developer, expert and ICON partner on the Wix, Editor X and Wix Studio platforms.


Hmm... You probably think you can create your own website. Of course you can! But you won't make it as usable, responsive, intuitive and clear as I do.

And not because you can't, because you don't have a graphic sense. NO!

Because over the years I have learned the secrets, possibilities and gained a lot of experience in designing websites both in the interface and with the help of programming.


The visual side is not everything. A website, apart from the fact that it has to look nice, also has to be useful. It is supposed to reach the client, offer them all possible solutions and make it easier for them to use your website. You will save time but also money, because Dora has very competitive prices on the market.


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Just few of my projects

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