Terms & conditions:

I. General conditions

1. These regulations define the terms of use of the Advertising Agency's services DORA GRAPHICS (Tax ID 2772714R) run by Dorota Lancucka - hereinafter referred to as the regulations ,,Advertising Agency".


2. Using the services of the Advertising Agency means full acceptance of this regulations and rules contained therein.


3. In matters not regulated by these regulations, they shall apply provisions of the Civil Code, the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Law on copyright and related rights.

II. Terms of use of the Advertising Agency services

1. The order placed by the Customer must be in the form of a signed form order or form of an e-mail expressing the will to order a given service or email accepting a project previously ordered by oral means.


2. The customer is obliged to provide his or her data to the Advertising Agency enabling the correct invoice issue.


3. The advertising agency undertakes not to share Customers` contact details to third parties, but use them as intended the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

III. Principles of project acceptance


1. The customer is obliged to familiarize with the project submitted to him/her by Advertising agency and approval in terms of both graphics and substantive - expressing your acceptance by e-mail or other writing.

2. The advertising agency is not responsible for errors detected after acceptance project by the client.


3. The advertising agency is not responsible for errors in the project sent by a client.


4. The customer is liable for violation of personal rights and copyrights of persons third parties in the materials and information provided to the Advertising Agency.


5. In case of legal defects of materials and information provided Advertising agency, advertising agency reserves the right to withdraw from the contract.


6. Content sent by the Customer to the Advertising Agency purpose performance of the contract should be formatted. The advertising agency does not bear responsibility for the lack of Polish characters, various fonts in a single text and so-called typos.


7. The project implementation date will be agreed individually with the client depending from the complexity of the project and will be specified in detail in order form.


8. In the event that the Customer is obliged to provide substantive content to the project, he/she should do it within 3 days from the date of signing the form orders. When the customer does not provide the necessary information and materials on time referred to in the preceding sentence, the Advertising Agency reserves the right to extension of the order processing time.


9. The deadline for the service is calculated from the next business day after the day the client accepts the graphic design.

IV. Costs of projects


1. An advertising agency performs project cost calculations within 14 days from the date of submitting the request for proposal.


2. The quotation includes unit prices of services and products, technical costs, approximate date of completion and project cost.


3. The quotation is valid 21 days from the date of sending to the Customer 


V. Payment and prices


1. Payment for services performed is based on the invoice issued

2. The customer is obliged to pay a deposit of 50% of the amount before the start of the contract by the Advertising Agency. The deposit is non-refundable.

3. In the lack of individual arrangements as to the date of payment and forms payments (eg deposit) - invoices are payable at the latest on the day of receipt by the Customer goods.


4. If the payment deadline is exceeded, the Advertising Agency reserves the right to calculate statutory interest and the costs of calls for payment directed to the client who is in default.


5. The amount agreed with the Customer in the order form includes:

- execution of three different graphic designs after previous is not being accepted

- execution of up to three amendments in one of the submitted projects, in accordance with Customer suggestions,

- execution of the final version of the selected project.

6. Until the Customer pays the entire agreed price for the project to the Advertising Agency, all rights to the project are vested in the Advertising Agency.

VI. Website design

1.Before starting the design of the website, the customer is required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit.


2. The customer should provide all necessary materials such as texts, photos, logo if they have it, contact information etc. in relevant files and of good quality.


3. We are not responsible for web hosting and positioning (SEO).


4. We are not responsible for content and materials provided by the customer needed to create the page.


5. The customer is obliged to pay the rest of the amount due after completing the design of the site but BEFORE connecting the domain.


6. We do not moderate the websites we have made after completing the order, however, we can do it at the customer's request for a fee specified in the price list.


7. After building the website, the client receives simple instructions for using the website

VII. Terms of complaints

The complaint should be submitted within 5 days of the order being carried out. In case of vehicle and window wrapping or stickers the complaint should be submitted within 30 days of the order being carried out which is also a form of warrantee. 


1. Complaints will be considered within 14 days from the date of complaint notification.


2. The advertising agency reserves that each printout may have slightly different colors from the submitted project or visualization, which is not covered by the complaint.


3. The advertising agency does not guarantee the repeatability of the color in the next expenditures printouts of any advertising materials.

4. The colors displayed on the monitor may differ from the actual colors - this is due to the specificity of displaying images on the monitor.

5. In the case of cuts and prints made on many types of film and paper such as

- self-adhesive vinyl

- polymer film

- cast film

- chalk paper

- pvc

and other materials used during the contract is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the aforementioned materials, and the Advertising Agency is not responsible. The customer is required to comply with the rules of use of the above-mentioned materials in accordance with the instructions received from the Advertising Agency in writing or verbal.

6. The advertising agency is not responsible for mechanical damage, the influence of weather conditions, operation and inadequate maintenance of materials and products purchased by the customer

7. The customer can cancel the order ONLY until receipt of payment of deposit  (the invoice) and printing. If the customer cancels the order after paying the deposit, but the order is not printed yet the deposit is not refundable. If the customer cancels the order after project acceptation and it started to be printed , the customer is liable to pay all cost of production.

VIII. Shipping

1. The goods are sent to the address indicated in the order form or given by phone or by email. The store will inform the customer immediately about an incorrectly completed order form that prevents shipments or may delay it.

2. The goods are delivered by courier companies or via Anpost. In some cases, there is a possibility of personal collection of goods at the seller's premises.

3. The shipment is delivered within 5-7 business days.  However, the advertising agency reserves the right  to extend the shipping time for technical and other reasons

4. The shipping fee depends on the quantity and size of the products sent.

5. The advertising agency is not liable for damage or loss of a shipment in transit.


IX. Cancellation


1. The order can be canceled only if it is in the basket. To do this, click the "remove product" icon. If your order has already been paid, you can cancel it within one hour of purchase by contacting us by email or phone.

Remember - orders sent for production cannot be cancelled!

X.Final Provisions


1. Placing an order at an Advertising Agency signifies your acceptance of this Regulations and terms of complaint.

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