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This type of solution is most often used by companies that often take part in various types of fairs or exhibitions and therefore need practical solutions to arrange, sign and decorate their stands. Another group where roll up banners are very popular are industries where the subject of activity is aesthetics, image, and therefore also the need to take pictures. In this case, roll up banners perform the function of an aesthetic background, i.e. an elegant photo wall, on which the logo of the company or cooperating companies is usually placed with the effect presented in the foreground by the model . They can be, for example, fashion designers, hair stylists, manicure salons, cosmetics or sponsors of an event or person. Roll up banners are often used in many places as light, aesthetic, portable walls, separating or covering them, and at the same time being an excellent carrier of information or advertising. Paving signs, both inside and outside, most often plays an information and warning role. They can show the way, warn, for example, about the prohibition of parking or a foot / step, and recently they set a social distance ... Nevertheless, we invite everyone interested in such products to contact us and cooperate with us in order to take advantage of optimal solutions that meet individual expectations.

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