We cut out our stickers for you after placing and paying for the order. They are a fresh product, made to order. We recommend sticking our stickers within a period not longer than 1 month from purchase. After a longer period of storage of the sticker, the transport foil may slowly lose its adhesive properties.



For sticking the stickers, choose a smooth, clean and dry surface, e.g. a painted wall (primed, preferably painted with acrylic paint), a door, a wardrobe, some furniture, glass, etc. If the surface is dirty or porous, the sticker will not stick to it, while the presence of moisture reduces the stickiness of the adhesive. Walls made of poured concrete, unplastered, covered with unpainted gypsum plaster, glue paint, paint with chalking properties are not suitable for sticking stickers. High-latex, stain-resistant, washable paints adversely affect the adhesion of stickers. Before sticking, it is necessary to wipe with a cloth or vacuum the surface. The walls should be completely dry.

1.Take the purchased sticker out of the box / tube. Gently unfold it and place it on a flat, hard surface (table, floor). Let the sticker "rest". The sticker is covered with a transparent transport foil, which allows you to transfer the entire pattern to the selected surface. We put several strips of transport foil on very large stickers, which makes it easier to remove it later. If there are air bubbles under the transfer foil, this is completely normal and is not a defect of the sticker.

2.For sticking, prepare a squeegee or ID card / payment card or an ordinary, clean cloth. Ask another person for help when sticking a large pattern.

3.When the unfolded roll lies on a flat surface, make several circles on the surface of the foil by pressing the foil against the sticker with the squeegee / ID card / payment card. This action will allow you to grab the sticker on the transport foil and at the same time remove air bubbles.

4.Our stickers are mostly sold as one-piece, ready-to-stick patterns. However, if the pattern is large or consists of separate parts, and individual elements will be glued by you according to your own arrangement, you will facilitate sticking by cutting individual fragments at this point.


5.Mark the place of sticking the sticker with a pencil or painter's tape by applying a sheet with the sticker to it.

6.Tear off the transport foil from one side and check if the sticker comes off with it. Peel off the transport foil with the sticker from the paper in such a way that the whole pattern remains on the transparent foil. If any elements of the sticker remain on the backing paper - repeat the act of pressing the foil to the sticker and try to peel it off with the sticker again.

7.Apply the transparent foil with the sticker attached to it gently to the wall with one side in the previously marked place. Be careful not to stick the sticker on all at once. Gently press the sticker with a squeegee / ID card / payment card / cloth to the sticking surface, starting from the top or one of the sides.

8.When the sticker and the transport foil are already stuck to the base, press it firmly again to get rid of any air bubbles. Gently remove the transparent transport foil so that only the sticker remains on the wall - the top foil is easiest to remove, starting from the selected corner: bend it and tear it down gently, pressing the sticker against the wall with your fingers. If it happens that the sticker starts to peel off together with the transport foil - once again press the foil and sticker firmly to the wall and slowly peel off the foil again.


If you decide to stick on a substrate not recommended by us - you do it at your own risk !!!

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